Docker registry credentials

You can set Docker Credentials from DevOps --> Containers --> AKS/Native --> Docker Credentials.

Kubernetes Storage

User can configure StorageClass and PersistentVolumeClaims(PVC) from K8S Storage Tab. You can mount the StorageClass. Please find details here.

Adding Service

You can create Services from the portal, Implicitly, DuploCloud converts these services either into a Deployment Set or a StatefulSet. You can configure- images, the environment variable, map volumes, and mount volumes.

Service Display

Once the deployment command runs successfully, go to the Services tab of the Tenant. You can see those deployments. You can also attach the load balancers for the services.

Kubectl token and config

DuploCloud provides a way to connect to the Cluster namespace. You can follow the command, to access the cluster namespace. This option is available DevOps --> Containers --> AKS/Native --> Select KubeCtl Token
With these commands, you have configured the kubectl to access the kubernetes cluster for your tenant namespace.