Kubectl setup

Kubectl setup on your local computer
The goal of this section is to show how to set up Kubectl on a local computer pointing to Kubernetes cluster with cluster-admin privileges.
Navigate to the Administrators -> Infrastructure page and click the infrastructure in the list to go to a infrastructure to which Kubectl need to be set up. Within the infrastructure' detail page select the tab labeled 'EKS' and click the blue + Download Kube Config button to download the kube-config file.
If you don't have Kubectl installed on your local computer. Follow the instruction in the below link to install Kubectl.
Run the below command to point Kubectl to use the downloaded kube-config file.
  • For linux or MacOS
export KUBECONFIG=/home/duplo/duploinfra-finance.yaml #CHANGE ME
  • For Windows
setx KUBECONFIG "%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\duploinfra-finance.yaml" #CHANGE ME