Introduction to CI/CD

Ensuring continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of your Cloud applications
Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) is a software development practice in Cloud computing that ensures the rapid development, integration, and deployment of applications, using multiple pipelines, for a consistent, quality-focused approach.
There are several CI/CD-based platforms that you can use to ensure that your applications work as expected in both local and test environments on a repeatable basis. As DuploCloud treats CI/CD platforms agnostically through the use of cURL commands, it supports the most available CI/CD platforms.
In addition to third-party CI/CD products, DuploCloud provides Katkit, a built-in CI/CD platform that allows you to build, test, and deploy your application from GitHub commits and pull requests. Katkit is an arbitrary code execution engine that allows you to run any code before and after deployment. Conforming to DuploCloud's architecture, Katkit uses Tenants, tying together CI and CD.
Some of the CI/CD toolchains that are directly supported by DuploCloud is including but are not limited to the following: