Vanta Compliance Controls

Configure Vanta compliance controls for your DuploCloud Tenants

DuploCloud integrates with Vanta Monitor and AWS GuardDuty to monitor your applications and provide real-time alerts and notifications for compliance issues, security events, and vulnerabilities.

Enabling Compliance Controls

To enable Vanta compliance controls directly from the DuploCloud Portal:

  1. Navigate to Administrator -> Systems Settings.

  2. Click the Compliance Controls tab.

  3. Use the Enable Vanta Controls toggle switch to enable Vanta Monitor. GuardDuty is enabled by default when this setting is enabled.

  4. Enter an email in the GuardDuty Notifications Email field. GuardDuty notifications will be sent to this email address.

  5. From the Select Tenant list box, select the Tenant for which Vanta controls will be enabled.

  6. In the Tenant Settings for YOUR_TENANT_NAME area, enter the Tenant Owner and Description, and indicate whether the Tenant is Production and/or Contains User Data.

  7. Click Save. Vanta compliance controls are enabled for the specified Tenant.

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