System Settings Flags

Make changes to fault settings by adding Flags under Systems Settings in the DuploCloud portal

Disabling faults for Target Groups without instances

If there is a Target Group with no instances/targets, DuploCloud generates a fault. You can configure DuploCloud's Systems Settings to ignore Target Groups with no instances.

  1. From the DuploCloud portal, navigate to Administrator -> Systems Settings.

  2. Select the System Config tab.

  3. Click Add. The Add Config pane displays.

  4. For ConfigType, select Other.

  5. In the Other Config Type field, type Flags.

  6. In the Key field, enter IgnoreTargetGroupWithNoInstances.

  7. In the Value field, enter True.

  1. Click Submit. The Flag is set and DuploCloud will not generate faults for Target Groups without instances.

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