Step 3: Create Agent Pools

Creating Azure Agent Pools as shared resources across Tenants

So far you have created an Infrastructure, a Plan, and a Tenant. Now you need to create Agent Pools to serve computing and storage resources to your Tenants, using agents that monitor resource allocation.

Instead of managing each agent individually, agents are grouped into agent pools for maximum efficiency. You share Azure Agent Pools across workloads defined by the Tenants that you set up. Azure Agent Pools are scoped to a Host (Virtual Machine or VM) or a group of Hosts by Azure Pipeline Agents. In this tutorial, you won't be creating specific Hosts, but you will create an Azure Agent Pool to which a group of VMs has already been defined by DuploCloud.

DuploCloud ensures that your application development platform conforms to Azure best practices. While you provide only high-level specifications, DuploCloud does the rest, configuring encryption, linking to managed identity, and logging you into a virtual Linux workstation to access Kubernetes constructs like Pods, Namespaces, and ConfigMaps.

Estimated time to complete Step 3: 10 minutes.


Before creating Azure Agent Pools, verify that you accomplished the tasks in Step 2 of this tutorial. In DuploCloud Portal, in the Administrator navigation group, confirm that you have:

  • An Infrastructure named NONPROD.

  • A Plan named NONPROD.

  • A Tenant named DEV01

  • Selected Tenant DEV01 in the Tenant list box, at the top of the DuploCloud Portal.

Create an Azure Agent Pool

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Cloud Services -> Hosts.

  2. Click the Azure Agent Pool tab.

  3. Click Add. The Azure Agent Pool page displays.

  4. From the table below, enter the values corresponding to the fields and options on the Azure Agent Pool page. Accept the defaults for fields that are not listed.

  5. Click Add. After a few minutes, the Azure Agent Pool is created.

Azure Agent Pool page fields and optionsValue or action



Instance Type

(4 CPU 16GB)

Check your work

On the Azure Agent Pool page, verify that the created agent pool (with a Name generated by DuploCloud) has a Status of Succeeded.

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