Spot Instances

Create Autoscaling Groups (ASG) with Spot Instances in the DuploCloud platform

Spot Instances are spare capacity priced at a significant discount compared to On-Demand Instances. Users specify the maximum price (bid) they will pay per hour for a Spot Instance. The instance is launched if the current Spot price is below the user's bid. Since Spot Instances can be interrupted when spare capacity is unavailable, applications using Spot Instances must be fault-tolerant and able to handle interruptions.

Spot Instances are only supported for Auto-scaling Groups (ASG) with EKS

Enabling Spot Instances when Creating Autoscaling Groups

Follow the steps in the section Creating Autoscaling Groups (ASG). Before clicking Add, Click the box to access Advanced Options. Enable Use Spot Instances and enter your bid, in dollars, in the Maximum Spot Price field.

Creating Services using Spot Instances

Follow the steps in Creating Services using Autoscaling Groups. In the Add Service page, Basic Options, Select Tolerate spot instances.

Tolerations will be entered by default in the Add Service page, Advanced Options, Other Container Config field.

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