Control Groups

The building blocks of a secure and compliance Cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure security can be approached by having the following control groups or building blocks and each of these has to be applied to each cloud resource being provisioned. These configurations, when applied to various cloud resources, often amount to 200+ controls per cloud provider. All of these controls come out of the box with the DuploCloud platform and are implicitly implemented while the users can focus on deploying the application.

  • Isolation and Firewall

    • Network Segmentation

    • IAM

    • Security Groups

    • WAF

    • VPN

  • Encryption

    • At Rest

    • At Transit

  • Access Management

    • Cloud console and resources

    • VM SSH

    • Container Shell

    • Kubernetes

    • Application Environment (DuploCloud Tenants)

  • Tags and Labels

  • Audit

  • Monitoring

    • Agent Management

    • SIEM

    • Host Vulnerabilities

    • Anti-Virus

    • HIDS

    • NIDS

    • Hardening Benchmarks (Like CIS)

    • Application Security Testing

      • DAST

      • Manual VAPT

  • Compliance Frameworks

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