Pod Toleration

Support for specifying K8s YAML for Pod Toleration

DuploCloud supports the customization of many Kubernetes (K8s) YAML operators, such as tolerations. If you are using a Docker container, you can specify the tolerations operator configuration in the Other Container Config field in the container definition in DuploCloud

Specifying Pod Toleration

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Kubernetes -> Services or Docker -> Services. The Services page displays.

  2. Select the Service from the NAME column.

  3. From the Actions menu, select Edit. The Edit Service page displays.

  4. Click Next to proceed to the Advanced Options page.

  5. In the Other Container Config field, add the tolerations operator YAML you have customized for your container.

  6. Click Update. Your container has been updated with your custom specification for the tolerations operator.

Example Code: tolerations operator YAML

In this example:

  • If a Pod is running and a taint matching key1 exists on the node, then the Pod will not schedule the node (NoSchedule).

  • If a Pod is running and a taint matching example-key exists on the node, then the Pod stays bound to the node for 6000 seconds, and then is evicted (NoExecute). If the taint is removed before that time, the Pod will not be evicted.

tolerations YAML
  - key: key1
    operator: Equal
    value: value1
    effect: NoSchedule
  - key: example-key
    operator: Exists
    effect: NoExecute
    tolerationSeconds: 6000

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