Azure Services

Managing Azure services and related components

DuploCloud provides a number of configurable components when running Microsoft Azure's Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Applications involve many Azure Services like Storage Account, RDS for RDBS (MySQL), Redis, VM Scale Sets, Ingress, ALB/NLB load balancers, and so on. While each of their configurations needs a few application-centric inputs, there are scores of lower-level nuances around access control, security, and compliance.

Using DuploCloud you can create virtually any service within the Tenant using basic application-centric inputs. At the same time, the platform will make sure the lower-level nuances are programmed to best practices for security and compliance.

Supported Services for DuploCloud Azure

Supported Services are listed in alphabetical order, following the core services: Containers, Load Balancers, and Storage.

Core Services

Additional Services

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