Export Billing to BigQuery

Export GCP billing data to BigQuery using DuploCloud

By exporting your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) billing data to BigQuery, you can leverage DuploCloud's dashboard to monitor and analyze your GCP billing effectively.


To export to BigQuery you must have:

  • A Google Cloud Platform account with billing enabled.

  • Permission to access the Google Cloud Billing API and BigQuery.

    • Billing Account Administrator permissions

    • BigQuery Admin permissions

Creating a BigQuery Dataset

  1. Navigate to the BigQuery Console in your Google Cloud Platform account.

  2. In GCP, select the Project where you want to create the dataset.

  3. Click Create Dataset.

  4. In the Create dataset window, configure your dataset with the following parameters:

    • Dataset ID: Enter a unique name for your dataset.

    • Location Type: Select Multi-Region.

    • Default table expiration: Select Enable table expiration and set a default expiration time for tables in this dataset, such as 60 days. Tables will be automatically deleted after this period.

    • Click Create Dataset.

    • Once the dataset is created, it appears in the BigQuery Console under your project. Select the dataset to view details.

Enabling billing export to BigQuery

  1. In GCP, open the Google Cloud Console.

  2. Select Billing from the main menu or visit Google Cloud Billing.

  3. Select the billing account for which you want to enable the billing export.

  4. In the Billing Account Details page, select Billing Export from the left navigational pane.

  5. In the Billing Export page, in the Detailed usage cost area, click Edit Settings.

  6. In the BigQuery Export tab, configure Detailed usage cost.

    • Select the Project: Choose the project where you created the BigQuery dataset.

    • Select the Dataset: Choose the dataset you created for billing data.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Contact DuploCloud Support to complete additional steps to enable the billing dashboard.

The exported billing data includes detailed information about your GCP usage and charges. Regularly monitor and analyze this data to keep track of your cloud spending.

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