Add an RDS read replica

Create a read replica of your RDS database

By creating an AWS RDS Read Replica of your database, you can:

  • Elastically scale your capacity for read-heavy database workloads.

  • Boost performance by increasing aggregate read throughput.

  • Create standalone database instances.

Adding a read replica

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Cloud Services -> Database.

  2. Click the RDS tab.

  3. Select the database that you want to replicate from the Name column.

  4. Click the Actions menu. Select RDS Settings, and then Add Replica. The Add read replica to: SELECTED_DATABASE_NAME pane displays.

  5. In the Read Replica Name field, enter the name of your replica. The Tenant name is prefixed automatically.

  6. Select an appropriate Instance Size from the list box to match or exceed the database you want to replicate.

  7. Click Create. Your replica is displayed in the RDS tab with a Status of Submitted. When the replica is ready for use, the Status is Available.

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