Step 4: Create a Service

Creating a Kubernetes Service to run a Docker-containerized application

In this exercise, we will create a simple Google Cloud Nginx service. When you run the application, DuploCloud accesses Docker images in a preconfigured Docker Hub.

When you run your own applications, you will choose a public image or provide credentials to access your private repository. Before you deploy your own applications, configure your Docker Registry credentials in DuploCloud.

Estimated time to complete Step 4: 10 minutes.


Before creating a Service, verify that you accomplished the tasks in the previous tutorial steps. Using the DuploCloud Portal, confirm that:

Select the Tenant you created

In the Tenant list box, on the upper-left side of the DuploCloud Portal, select the Tenant that you created.

Adding a Service

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Kubernetes -> Services. The Services page displays.

  2. Click Add. The Add Service page displays.

  3. In the Service Name field, enter a name for the service (in the example below, the name is "myservice").

  4. In the Docker image field, enter the docker image (for example "nginx:latest").

  1. Click Next. The Advanced Options page is displayed.

  2. At the bottom of the Advanced Options page, click Create. Your Service is created and initialized.

It may take approximately five (5) minutes for the Service to initialize. Use the Containers page (Kubernetes -> Containers) to monitor the Service creation status, between Desired (Running) and Current.

Checking your work

From the DuploCloud portal, navigate to Kubernetes -> Services, and verify that your DuploCloud Service has a Current status of Running.

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