Node Pools

Create Node Pool for GCE in the DuploCloud Portal

GCP Node Pools are useful when you need to schedule Pods requiring more resources than others, such as more memory or local disk space. Node Pools can be created for the DuploCloud Infrastructure with GKE Standard Cluster only.


Add a Tenant, specifying the DuploCloud Plan corresponding to a GKE Standard Cluster.

Adding a Node Pool

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Kubernetes -> Nodes.

  2. Click the Node Pool tab.

  3. Click Add. The Add Node Pools page displays.

  4. Provide Name, Availability Zone, Instance Type, and Node Counts.

  5. Click Submit.

Adding a Node Pool with Advanced Options

DuploCloud Portal provides additional options when configuring a Node Pool, as depicted below. To use Advanced Options select Advanced Options in the Add Node Pool page.

Adding a Node Pool with Accelerator Type

You can add Accelerator types for GPUs while creating a NodePool. From the Add Node Pool page, click Add Accelerator.

Accelerator Types are not available in all regions.

Configure a Service to use an Accelerator Type

  1. In the Add Service page, click Next for Advanced Options.

  2. Enter command, args, and resources in the Other Container Config field.

  3. Click Create.

For additional details, refer to the documentation from Google Cloud here .

Adding a Taint to a Node Pool

  1. Select the Node Pool to which you want to add taints.

  2. Click Actions and select Add Taint. The Add Taint pane displays.

  3. Enter the Key/Value pair and select the Effect from the list box.

  4. Click Add Taint.

For example, the following screen applies a taint to a Node Pool that has a Key/Value of dedicated=experimentalwith a NoSchedule effect.

Configure a Service to use Taints

You need to configure the correct tolerations in the Service to schedule the Pod in a Node Pool.

To continue the examples above, create a Service with tolerations using the Other Container Config field, as depicted below.

  - key: dedicated
    operator: Equal
    value: experimental
    effect: NoSchedule

You can Edit or Delete a Taint by selecting the Node Pool Name, clicking the Actions menu, and selecting Edit or Delete. You edit the Node Pool using the Edit Node Pool page.

View Node Pool

View Node Pools by clicking the Node Pool tab and selecting the Node Pool Name.

Nodes created as part of a Node Pool, are displayed in the GCE VM tab.

Taints configured to a Node Pool are displayed with a Tainted Status. Click the Tainted icon to display a window with a Taint List.

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