Step 5: Create a Service

Create a native Docker Service in the DuploCloud Portal

You can use the DuploCloud Portal to create a native Docker service without leaving the DuploCloud interface.

Estimated time to complete Step 5: 10 minutes.


Before creating a Service, verify that you accomplished the tasks in the previous tutorial steps. Using the DuploCloud Portal, confirm that:

Select the Tenant you created

In the Tenant list box, on the upper-left side of the DuploCloud Portal, select the dev01 Tenant that you created.

Creating a Service using Native Docker

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Docker -> Services.

  2. Click Add. The Add Service Basic Options page displays.

  3. In the Service Name field, enter demo-service-d01.

  4. From the Platform list box, select Linux/Docker Native.

  5. In the Docker Image field, enter duplocloud/nodejs-hello:latest.

  6. From the Docker Networks list box, select Docker Default.

  7. Click Next. The Advanced Options page displays.

  8. Click Create.

On the Add Service Basic Options page, you can also specify optional Environment Variables (EVs) such as database Host, port, and so on. You can also pass Docker credentials using EVs for testing purposes.

Checking your work

Verify that demo-service-d01 has a Current Status of Running.

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