Cloud Credentials

Add GCP subscription details

The DuploCloud rules-based expert system requires GCP Subscription details to manage cloud resources effectively. By adding Cloud Credentials in the DuploCloud Portal, you provide the necessary subscription details for this management.

Adding Cloud Credentials for GCP Subscriptions

To integrate GCP project cloud credentials into DuploCloud, follow these steps:

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrator -> Cloud Credentials. The Cloud Credentials page displays.

  2. Click Add to initiate the creation of new cloud credentials.

  3. Ensure Google is selected from the Cloud list box as your cloud provider.

  4. Enter your Google Project ID in the Project ID field. This ID uniquely identifies your GCP project.

  5. Provide the Service Account email in the Service Account Email field. Service accounts are crucial for applications or compute workloads to interact with GCP services, managed through Identity and Access Management (IAM).

  6. Paste the private key associated with your service account in the Service Account Private Key field. To extract and copy the private key from a JSON file, you can use the command: jq -r .private_key < filename.json | pbcopy.

  7. Click Submit to save your credentials, which will be displayed on the Cloud Credentials page.

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