Lambda Layers

Package code libraries for sharing with Lambda Functions

A Lambda Layer is a Zip archive that can contain additional code or other content. A Lambda Layer may contain libraries, a custom runtime, data, or configuration files.

Lambda Layers provide a convenient and effective way to package code libraries for sharing with Lambda functions in your account. Using layers can help reduce the size of uploaded archives and make it faster to deploy your code.

Enabling Lambda Layer creation

You must add a Key/Value pair in the DuploCloud Portal's System Config settings to display Lambda Layers in DuploCloud.

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrator -> System Settings.

  2. Click the System Config tab.

  3. Click Add. The Add Config pane displays.

  4. From the Config Type list box, select Other. The Other Config Type field displays.

  5. In the Other Config Type field, enter AppConfig.

  6. In the Key field, enter ListAllLambdaLayers.

  7. In the Value field, enter True.

  8. Click Submit. The Key/Value pair is displayed in the System Config tab.

After you set ListAllLambdaLayers to True:

  • Layer names prefixed with DUPLO- display for all Tenants in the DuploCloud Portal.

  • Layer names prefixed with DUPLOSERVICES- display in the appropriate Tenant.

Adding Lambda Layers to a Lambda Function

Before you add a Lambda Layer, you must have defined at least one Lambda Function.

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Cloud Services -> Serverless.

  2. In the Lambda tab, select the Lambda Function to which you want to add Lambda Layers.

  3. Click the Actions menu and select Edit. The Edit Lambda Function page displays.

  4. In the Layers area, click the + button. The Add Lambda Layer pane displays.

  5. From the Layer list box, select the Lambda Layer to add.

  6. From the Version list box, select the layer version.

  7. Click Add Layer. The layer you added is displayed in the Layers area of the Edit Lambda Function page.

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