DuploCloud Onboarding

What you can expect during the DuploCloud Onboarding process

Phase 1. Kickoff and Delivery

During Kickoff and Delivery, your team learns about the DuploCloud onboarding flow and what to expect in each phase. Our team works closely with yours to review your project’s scope and objectives, technical specifications and information, and important dates and deadlines.

By the end of this phase, DuploCloud engineers will have configured a DuploCloud Platform in your company's cloud account. We will ask your team for any feedback about the onboarding approach to improve the process in the future.

Your team provides:

  • Project details, including objectives, technical specifications, and dates/deadlines

  • A list of project members and roles

  • A new cloud account with access for DuploCloud engineers

  • Read-only access to your existing accounts, documents, repositories, and artifacts

DuploCloud provides:

  • Introduction to the onboarding process

  • A DuploCloud Platform in your new cloud account

Phase 2. Assessment and Project Planning

In the Assessment and Project Planning phase, DuploCloud engineers create and review a high-level block diagram of your project architecture, verify your containerization needs, and confirm your service configurations, interdependencies, and data migration requirements. We also complete a compliance assessment to ensure your project meets all required compliance guidelines. Together, our teams choose a working-session cadence that aligns with your project’s needs and timeline.

By the conclusion of Phase 2, we will provide you with a DuploCloud Portal your team can access and detailed information about the project plan.

Your team provides:

  • N/A

DuploCloud provides:

  • List of in-scope services and their statuses

  • Project plan for the initial workload deployment

  • Confirmation of Tenant structure

  • A DuploCloud Portal with access for your team

  • Recurring working session schedule

Phase 3. Initial Workload Deployment

In this phase, DuploCloud engineers deploy your dev environment, which includes all in-scope services and applications. During deployment working sessions, we provide comprehensive training for your team on the platform. Teams discuss and complete any necessary application-level changes and move on to the following steps: app containerization, secret management, and Kubernetes configuration (where required). Finally, we review the dev deployment and your team's test plan.

Your team provides:

  • Necessary application changes

  • Dev deployment testing and signoff

DuploCloud provides:

  • A complete dev environment deployment for testing

  • Training on the DuploCloud platform during deployment work sessions

  • Terraform code that can be used as a template for new environments, if needed

Phase 4. CI/CD & Release Management

The CI/CD & Release Management phase involves identifying Services and Tenants to implement pipelines, selecting and agreeing on a pipeline implementation logic, and building the pipelines. DuploCloud builds an operational CI/CD pipeline for each service and trains your team to add and modify CI/CD pipelines in the future.

Your team provides:

  • N/A

DuploCloud provides:

  • An operational CI/CD pipeline for each of the project’s services

  • Training so that your team can add and modify pipelines

Phase 5. Production Deployment

The 5th phase, Production Development, focuses on the Production environment. During this phase, the DuploCloud team works with your team to confirm your high availability requirements and apply any needed adjustments. We also review and update infrastructure component scale parameters (e.g., CPU and memory utilization) and monitoring and alerting configurations. Lastly, we review data migration requirements and formulate a production cutover plan.

Shared responsibilities

  • Deploy the production environment

  • Test the production environment

  • Stabilize production applications

Phase 6. Onboarding Signoff

Onboarding signoff ensures that your team is well-prepared for the following stages of support and operations, where you’ll receive ongoing maintenance assistance. We review your ongoing support needs, discuss your plans for the next 3 to 6 months, and establish the next steps with the Operations team to ensure a smooth handover and continuity of service. On top of that, the DuploCloud team delivers an updated architecture diagram, providing a clear and current overview of the system's structure. Lastly, we ask you for feedback about the onboarding experience, which is crucial for assessing the process and identifying areas for improvement.

Your team provides:

  • Feedback about the onboarding experience

DuploCloud provides:

  • An outline of your next steps with the Operations team

  • An updated architecture diagram

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