Creating a Native Docker Service

Finish the Quick Start Tutorial by running a native Docker Service

This section of the tutorial shows you how to deploy a web application with a DuploCloud Docker Service, by leveraging DuploCloud platform in-built container management capability.

Instead of creating a DuploCloud Docker Service, you can alternatively finish the tutorial by:

Deploying a DuploCloud Docker Service

Instead of creating a DuploCloud service using EKS or ECS, you can deploy your application with native Docker containers and services and DuploCloud.

To deploy your app with a DuploCloud Docker Service in this tutorial, you:

  1. Create an EC2 host instance in DuploCloud.

  2. Create a native Docker application and service.

  3. Expose the app to the web with an Application Load Balancer in DuploCloud.

  4. Complete the tutorial by testing your application.

Estimated time to complete remaining tutorial steps: 30-40 minutes

Network Architecture and Configurations

Behind the scenes, the topology that DuploCloud creates resembles this low-level configuration in AWS.

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