Add Tenant access over a VPN

Grant a Tenant specific access over a VPN

In order for DuploCloud users to have access to internal resources within a Tenant, such as an internal host or a database, you need to add Security rules to allow a VPN connection.

Note: Users with the Administrator role have persistent access to all Tenants. Administrators do not need to add individual Tenant access for themselves.

Adding tenant security rules for a VPN

Define Tenant Security rules for Tenant access over a VPN:

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrators -> Tenants.

  2. Select the Tenant in the Name column. The Tenant's permissions page displays.

  3. Click the Security tab.

  4. Click Add. The Add Tenant Security pane displays.

  5. Complete the rule fields and add a Description of your changes for future reference.

Example: Adding a rule allowing VPN traffic to access a Tenant

In this example, you create a security rule allowing traffic originating from the VPN IP Address to access resources that are private or internal to the Tenant.

The example above gives Tenant access to all VPN users. If you want to grant some VPN users access while excluding others, add a separate security rule for each user you want to give access to (using their individual IP address).

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