Display Tainted EC2 Hosts

Discover tainted EC2 hosts in the DuploCloud Console

Taints can be issued by Kubernetes when a Node becomes unreachable or not tolerated by certain workloads. As Kubernetes can initiate Taints, you can as well. For example, to isolate a node for the purpose of applying maintenance, such as an upgrade, using the kubectl taint command.

In the DuploCloud Portal, Taints are displayed in the Status column on the EC2 Hosts page.

Displaying Taints in the DuploCloud Portal

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Cloud Services -> Hosts.

  2. In the EC2 tab, check for hosts with a Status of stopped and tainted. If these statuses are present, the connection to the underlying Node is lost and you should take appropriate action to restore the connection. See the Kubernetes kubectl reference documentation for available commands, flags, and examples to resolve the Taint.

To find Tainted Nodes, use the kubectl get nodes command, followed by the kubectl describe node <NODE_NAME>command. See this topic to get Shell Access to Kubernetes within the DuploCloud Portal and issue kubectl console commands from the Portal.

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