Cloud Account

How the Cloud Account provides the maximum level of isolation

The cloud provider account is the greatest barrier, providing security and isolation.

  • Azure Subscription: One DuploCloud portal can manage multiple Azure subscriptions. To add a subscription, click Administrator -> CloudCredentials, as shown in the figure below. You can use a managed identity or a service principle with keys

  • AWS Account: In AWS, you need one DuploCloud VM per AWS account, because in AWS, the account is the fundamental IAM construct. The AWS organizations and SCP are very lightweight and were more recently added in the AWS product lifespan, unlike Azure which uses Active Directory as the fundamental IAM construct. Originally DuploCloud used to manage multiple AWS accounts, but this support was removed after consistent feedback from customers and security experts. The best practice evolved to one VM agent per account, federated in a single pane, allowing you to switch accounts as needed, using the Switch Account list box.

  • Google Project: Multiple GCP projects can be added and managed by the same DuploCloud installation. To add a project, click Administrator -> CloudCredentials, as shown in the figure below.

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