Bitbucket Pipelines

CI/CD using Bitbucket Pipelines

Bitbucket Pipelines is a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) service built into Bitbucket, Atlassian's Git-based version control system. Pipelines allow developers to automatically build, test, and deploy their code every time they push changes to a Bitbucket repository.

Here are some key features of Bitbucket Pipelines:

  • Easy setup: Pipelines are built into Bitbucket, so it's easy to get started with no additional setup.

  • Flexible configuration: Pipelines can be configured using YAML files, allowing for high customization.

  • Docker support: Pipelines uses Docker containers to provide a consistent and isolated environment for running builds and tests.

  • Parallel builds: Pipelines can run multiple builds in parallel, which can help speed up the overall build process.

  • Deployment options: Pipelines can deploy your code to various platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

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