Creating an ECS Service

Finish the Quick Start Tutorial by creating an ECS Service

This section of the tutorial shows you how to deploy a web application with AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS).

For a full discussion of the benefits of using EKS vs. ECS, consult this AWS blog.

Instead of creating a DuploCloud Service with AWS ECS, you can alternatively finish the tutorial by:

Deploying an AWS ECS Service in DuploCloud

Unlike AWS EKS, creating and deploying services and apps with ECS requires creating a Task Definition, a blueprint for your application. Once you create a Task Definition, you can run it as a Task or as a Service. In this tutorial, we run the Task Definition as a Service.

To deploy your app with AWS ECS in this ECS tutorial, you:

  1. Create a Task Definition using ECS.

  2. Create a DuploCloud Service named webapp, backed by a Docker image.

  3. Expose the app to the web with a Load Balancer.

  4. Complete the tutorial by testing your application.

Estimated time to complete remaining tutorial steps: 30-40 minutes

Network Architecture and Configurations

Behind the scenes, the topology that DuploCloud creates resembles this low-level configuration in AWS.

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