Configure Azure DevOps

This section discusses how you can configure Azure DevOps to integrate with DuploCloud.

Creating a CI/CD Service Account User in DuploCloud

  1. In the DuploCloud portal, navigate to Administrator -> Users. The Users page displays.

  2. Click Add.

  3. In the Username field, enter a non-email address username, such as cicd. The username cannot be a valid email address, as DuploCloud designates it as a service account.

  4. From the Roles list box, select Admin for the fastest setup. If you select User, you must give Tenant access to that user.

  5. Click Submit. Your service account is set up and can be viewed or modified from the Users page.

Create a Permanent Token for the Service Account User

Create a permanent token for the service account that you created, using a token name that describes the CI/CD platform, such as azure-devops.

Save the Token to Azure DevOps Pipelines Variable Group

In the Azure DevOps Portal, save the token that you created in DuploCloud to the Azure DevOps Pipelines Variable Group.

  1. In an Azure DevOps project, navigate to Pipelines -> Library.

  2. Create a new variable group named duplocloud-secrets.

  3. Add a DUPLO_TOKEN variable; select Lock (next to the Value field), and paste in the permanent token as the Value.

  4. Add a DUPLO_HOST variable. The Value is your DuploCloud portal URL, as in the example above.

  5. Add a ECR_BASE variable based on the domain name of your ECR registry, as in the example above.

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