Using Generated Code

DuploCloud Terraform Exporter Utility provides scripts to create Infrastructure based on Tenant, using the terraform generated code. Executing the scripts creates Tenant, Services, and Applications. These resources can be viewed in DuploCloud Portal.

Follow the sequence based on the Project (admin-tenant, aws-services and app).

Perform plan and apply actions in one project prior to switching another project.

Export following environment variables in the shell while running the terraform projects.

Environment Details can be found here.

export AWS_RUNNER=duplo-admin
export duplo_host="<portal url>"
export duplo_token="<token>" 
export aws_account_id="<AWS account id>"

Project: admin-tenant

This project manages the creation of DuploCloud tenant and resources related to the tenant.

Execute Script in this sequence:

cd target/customer-name/tenant-name

Dry-Run and Review

scripts/ <new tenant name> admin-tenant

Deploy Resources

scripts/ <new tenant name> admin-tenant

Project: aws-services

This project manages data services like Redis, RDS, Kafka, S3 buckets, Cloudfront, EMR and Elastic Search inside DuploCloud.

Project: app

This project manages containerized applications inside DuploCloud like EKS Services, ECS, docker native service.

Delete the resources created using Utility

Follow the below Project sequence (app, aws-services and admin-tenant) while deleting the resources:

scripts/ <new tenant name created above> app

scripts/ <new tenant name created above> aws-services

scripts/ <new tenant name created above> admin-tenant

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