Katkit config

The above configuration customizations like Phases, ENV, etc. can be saved in the repository in a config file called katkitconfig.js Following is an example of one such file

        "EnvName": "default",
        "LocalFleet": "true",
        "WorkFlow": [
                "Name": "PRE_DEPLOY_BUILD",
                "PhaseType": 4,
                "BuildParams": "PHASE=PRE_DEPLOY_BUILD, FOO=BAR",
                "Order": 0,
                "Parallelism": 1,
                "ContainerImage": "duplocloud/zbuilder:v7"
                "Name": "DEPLOY",
                "PhaseType": 1,
                "BuildParams": "PHASE=DEPLOY",
                "Order": 1,
                "Parallelism": 1,
                "ContainerImage": null

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