Deleting a Tenant

Override Delete Protection in order to delete a Tenant

When DuploCloud is installed, a Delete protection setting is created that prevents you from deleting a Tenant, even if you have Administrator privileges.

In order to override this protection:

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrator -> Tenants.

  2. Select the Tenant that you want to delete from the Name column.

  3. Click the Settings tab. Note that the value for the Delete protection setting is True, indicating that Delete protection is enabled.

  4. Select the Enable switch to disable Delete protection for the Tenant.

  5. Click Update. Note that the value of the Delete protection setting is now False.

  6. Navigate back to Administrator -> Tenants and select the Tenant that you want to delete.

  7. From the Actions menu, select Delete. The Tenant is deleted.

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