Update a Service

Update the container image used by a DuploCloud Service

Use DuploCloud service account authentication from Azure DevOps to update the container image used by a service.

Updating a Service

Update a DuploCloud service from an Azure DevOps pipeline using a pipeline script.

Example Pipeline Script

Here is an example Azure DevOps pipeline that updates a Docker container image used by a DuploCloud Service.

Example Pipeline

Prerequisites to use the example script without modification

These prerequisites can be customized to fit existing pipelines and conventions for passing YAML attribute values. Note that the resources section triggers the deployment when the ecr-publish pipeline command finishes executing. env_names can be a list of comma-separated values for multi-deployments. Default values in early non-production environments are suitable for continuous deployment when used with the pipeline resource trigger.

Example Code

- name: tag_choice
  displayName: Tag (Build ID or short commit hash or branch name) or this-commit or this-branch
  type: string
  default: this-commit
- name: env_names
  displayName: DuploCloud environment/tenant names
  type: string
  default: dev01,staging01

  - group: duplocloud-secrets

trigger: none

  - pipeline: ecr-publish
    source: \api\api-ecr-publish
          - develop

  - script: |
      export tag_choice=${{ parameters.tag_choice }}
      export env_names=${{ parameters.env_names }}
      export service_name=$(Build.Repository.Name)
      echo $tag_choice
      if [ $tag_choice = 'this-commit' ]; then
        export tag_choice=${BUILD_SOURCEVERSION:0:8}
      if [ $tag_choice = 'this-branch' ]; then
        export tag_choice=$(Build.SourceBranchName)
      echo $tag_choice
      export token=$(DUPLO_TOKEN)
      export host=$(DUPLO_HOST)
      export ecr_base=$(ECR_BASE)
      echo $tenant
      pip install duplocloud-client
      export IFS=","
      for env_name in $env_names; do
        echo "Updating service in tenant $env_name"
        duploctl --host=$host --token=$token --tenant=$env_name service update_image $service_name $ecr_base/$(Build.Repository.Name):$tag_choice
    displayName: Update service image

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