Autoscaling Groups (ASG)

Create Autoscaling groups to scale EC2 instances to your workload

Configure Autoscaling Groups (ASG) to ensure the application load is scaled based on the number of EC2 instances configured. Autoscaling detects unhealthy instances and launches new EC2 instances. ASG is also cost-effective as EC2 Instances are dynamically created per the application requirement within minimum and maximum count limits.

Creating Autoscaling Groups (ASG)

The Use for Cluster Autoscaling option will not be available until you enable the Cluster Autoscaler option in your Infrastructure.

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Cloud Services -> Hosts.

  2. In the ASG tab, click Add. The Add ASG page is displayed.

  3. In the Friendly Name field, enter the name of the ASG.

  4. Select Availability Zone and Instance Type.

  5. In the Instance Count field, enter the desired capacity for the Autoscaling group.

  6. In the Minimum Instances field, enter the minimum number of instances. The Autoscaling group ensures that the total number of instances is always greater than or equal to the minimum number of instances.

  7. In the Maximum Instances field, enter the maximum number of instances. The Autoscaling group ensures that the total number of instances is always less than or equal to the maximum number of instances.

  8. Select Use for Cluster Autoscaling.

  9. Select Advanced Options.

  10. Select the appropriate Image ID.

  11. From the Agent Platform list box, select Linux Docker/Native to run a Docker service or select EKS Linux to run services using EKS. Fill in additional fields as needed for your ASG.

  12. Optionally, enable Spot Instances.

  13. Optionally, for EKS only, enable Scale from zero.

  14. Click Add. Your ASG is added and displayed in the ASG tab.

Viewing Hosts in Autoscaling Groups

View the Hosts created as part of ASG creation from the ASG Hosts tab.

Creating an Amazon EC2 Autoscaling Policy

Refer to AWS Documentation for detailed steps on creating Scaling policies for the Autoscaling Group.

Creating Services using Autoscaling Groups

The DuploCloud Portal provides the ability to configure Services based on the platforms EKS Linux and Linux Docker/Native. Select the ASG based on the platform used when creating services and Autoscaling groups. Optionally, if you previously enabled Spot Instances in the ASG, you can configure the Service to use Spot Instances by selecting Tolerate spot instances.

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