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User Administration

Tools for Administrators in the DuploCloud Portal

Access roles

The DuploCloud Portal contains the following access roles:

  • An Administrator has access to all Tenants plus access to administrative functions like Plan configuration, system dashboards, system defaults, etc.

  • A User is a regular user that can be given access to a specific Tenant. A Tenant can be accessed by multiple users and a user can be given access to multiple Tenants.

  • The Security role is for security and compliance auditors, in order to verify security and compliance dashboards and reports.

  • The Signup role is for users who create and manage DuploCloud resources via API.

Single Sign On (SSO)

The user name is meant to be an email address associated with an Identity provider. Currently, supported identity providers are Google and Microsoft Azure. Once a user is created in the DuploCloud portal, the user receives an account-creation email with login instructions. No passwords are involved, the user simply has to navigate to their DuploCloud environment and use SSO to log in to their account.

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