Configure CircleCI


Deploying and testing the application

To use CircleCI CI/CD, you need to deploy the application with DuploCloud as a Service and test that it works as expected.

CircleCI CI/CD is recommended only for upgrades of container images and to run tests that can be written to run before or after.

Obtaining and configuring an API Token

In order to call a DuploCloud API from CircleCI, you need to obtain and configure an API token.

pageAPI tokens
  1. (Recommended) Create a "service account" user in DuploCloud to own the API token.

  2. Give the DuploCloud user access to the desired Tenant. See adding Tenants to a user.

  3. Create an API token for that user. See creating API Tokens.

  4. Add a CircleCI Environment Variables in the Context created for the organization, to allow CircleCI pipelines to communicate with the DuploCloud Portal.

Note: A 'service account' user in DuploCloud is just a user whose user name is not an email address, such as github-bot or my-api-user. These users are not able to log in.

Adding Tenant access for users

pageTenant access for users

Adding Environment Variables in the organization context

  1. Login to the CircleCI portal and select your organization.

  2. Click on Organization Settings in the left-hand sidebar.

  3. Click on Create Context button and create context by providing a name.

  4. Click on the newly created context and scroll to Environment Variables section.

  5. Click Add Environment Variable.

  6. Set an Environment Variable name and value forDUPLO_HOST(the value is the DuploCloud Portal URL).

  7. Set an Environment Variable name and value for DUPLO_TOKEN (the value of the token created for the above service account).

  8. After adding the environment variables you should see them displayed in the Organization Settings section below.

The rest of this procedure assumes that you have added the above two environment variables.

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