Authentication Methods

Authentication methods supported by the DuploCloud Platform

You can SSO to the DuploCloud platform via Google, Microsoft, or Okta. We do not manage usernames and passwords within DuploCloud. A user's identity on the platform is their email address.

The Tenant is the basis of all access management. Users only need to be granted access to the Tenant, and from there, when they login to the DuploCloud platform, they are given access to the individual resources within that tenant on a need-basis, as described in the next section.

Beyond Tenant-level access, there are three additional user types:

  • ReadOnly

  • Administrator

  • Security Auditor, who only views the monitoring aspects of security.

Users can also create groups in Microsoft AD or Okta that can be mapped to Tenants in DuploCloud. All administration can be performed from AD or Okta.

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