Step 4: Create an EC2 Host

Create an EC2 Host in DuploCloud

Before you create your application and service using native Docker, create an EC2 Host for storage in DuploCloud.

Estimated time to complete Step 4: 5 minutes.


Before creating a Host (essentially a Virtual Machine), verify that you accomplished the tasks in the previous tutorial steps. Using the DuploCloud Portal, confirm that:

Select the Tenant you created

In the Tenant list box, on the upper-left side of the DuploCloud Portal, select the dev01 Tenant that you created.

Creating a host

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Cloud Services -> Hosts. The Hosts page displays.

  2. In the EC2 tab, click Add. The Add Hosts page displays.

  3. In the Friendly Name field, enter host01.

  4. From the Instance Type list box, select 2 CPU 4 GB - t3.medium.

  5. Select the Advanced Options checkbox to display advanced configuration fields.

  6. From the Agent Platform list box, select Linux/Docker Native.

  7. From the Image ID list box, select any Docker-Duplo or Ubuntu image.

  8. Click Add. The Host is created, initialized, and started. In a few minutes, when the Status displays Running, the Host is available for use.

Checking your work

Verify that host01 has a Status of Running.

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