Update CloudFront

Use DuploCloud to update your CloudFront from Github Actions


The goal of this section is to show how you can upload to an S3 bucket and update a CloudFront distribution from Github Actions.

This process is done in four basic steps:

  • Logs in to AWS ECR using Just-In-Time (JIT) AWS credentials from DuploCloud

  • Build your website content

  • Upload your website content to S3

  • Inform AWS CloudFront that the website content has changed

NOTE: The example workflow assumes that all the website content is uploaded from a single subfolder named build. It also makes extremely conservative assumptions about cache lifetimes. Your actual website content may allow a more optimal cache lifetime.

IMPORTANT: Steps to build website content are application specific and outside of the scope of this document. Please replace the example step in the workflow with the steps needed by your application's website.

pageUpload to S3 bucket

Example workflow

To use it you will need to change the following:

  • The steps used to build your website content

  • duplo_host env var

  • CLOUDFRONT_ID env var

  • TENANT_NAME env var

  • BUCKET_NAME env var

You also likely will need to change the paths and AWS CLI arguments used to upload your website content.

name: Build and Deploy
  # Triggers the workflow on push to matching branches
      - master
  duplo_host: https://mysystem.duplocloud.net  # CHANGE ME!
  duplo_token: "${{ secrets.DUPLO_TOKEN }}"
  CLOUDFRONT_ID: mycloudfront                  # CHANGE ME!
  TENANT_NAME: mytenant                        # CHANGE ME!
  BUCKET_NAME: duploservices-mytenant-website-1234  # CHANGE ME!

# A workflow run is made up of one or more jobs that can run sequentially or in parallel
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - build
      - name: Checkout
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
      # Build the website.  CHANGE ME!
      - name: CHANGE ME - Replace with your actual build logic
        run: exit 1
      # Deploy the website
      - name: Get AWS credentials
        uses: duplocloud/ghactions-aws-jit@master
           tenant: "${{ env.TENANT_NAME }}"
      - name: Sync files to S3
        run: |-
          # Sync files to S3 from a local directory named "build"
          aws s3 sync build/ "s3://$BUCKET_NAME/" --cache-control max-age=120,must-revalidate
      - name: Invalidate Cloudfront
        uses: chetan/invalidate-cloudfront-action@v2
          DISTRIBUTION: "${{ env.CLOUDFRONT_ID }}"
          PATHS: "/*"

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