Set the AKS cluster version

Set the default AKS cluster version to enable Kubernetes cluster creation

DuploCloud contains many features that leverage Kubernetes in your cloud environment. In order to create Kubernetes clusters with DuploCloud Azure, you must set the default version of your AKS cluster in DuploCloud's configuration.

If you do not set the default AKS cluster version, or keep it updated to your current AKD cluster version release, DuploCloud may be unable to create Kubernetes clusters.

Failure to create Kubernetes clusters is often indicated by empty values for Server Endpoint and Token.

For example, in the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrator -> Infrastructure. Select your Infrastructure Name and click the Kubernetes tab. If the Server Endpoint and Token fields are empty, this indicates a failure occurred when attempting to create a Kubernetes cluster.

Setting the default AKS cluster version for DuploCloud

To set the default AKS cluster version and enable Kubernetes cluster creation:

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrator -> System Settings.

  2. Click the System Config tab.

  3. In the System Configs section, click Add. The Add Config pane displays.

  4. Select Other from the Config Type list box.

  5. Select AppConfig from the Other Config Type list box.

  6. In the Key list box, type AKS_DEFAULT_CLUSTER_VERSION.

  7. In the Value field, enter the default AKS cluster version number (for example, 1.23.12). When you upgrade your AKS cluster, you will need to update the value of AKS_DEFAULT_CLUSTER_VERSION.

  8. Click Submit. The key and value are displayed in the System Config tab.

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