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Faults and Alerts


Faults that happen in the system, be it Infrastructure creation, container deployments, Application health checks, or any Triggered Alarms can be tracked in the DuploCloud portal under Faults Menu.

Viewing Faults

You can look at Tenant-specific faults under DevOps > Faults or all the faults in the system under Administrator > Faults.

Creating Alerts

You can set the AWS Alerts for the individual metrics, click on the bell icon on any of the metrics. A form to create an alert shows up. You can provide the necessary information and create the alert.

Viewing Alerts

  • View general alerts from the DuploCloud Portal in the Diagnostics -> Alerts.
  • Select the Alerts tab for alerts pertaining to a specific resource, such as Hosts.
General Alerts page under Diagnostics in the DuploCloud Portal
Alerts tab under DevOps -> Hosts in the DuploCloud Portal