Corresponding to each infrastructure is the concept of a Plan. Plan is a place holder or a template for configurations. These configurations are consistently applied to all tenants within the plan (or Infrastructure). Example of such configurations are:
  • Certificates available to be attached to load balancers in tenants of this plan
  • Machine images
  • WAF web ACLs
  • Common IAM policies and SG rules to be applied to all resources in tenants within the plan.
  • Unique or shared DNS domain name where applications provisioned in tenants within the plan can have a unique DNS name in this domain.
  • Resource Quota: Plan also has a resource quota that is enforced in each of the tenants within that plan
  • DB Parameter Groups
  • Several policies and feature flags to be applied at the infrastructure level on Tenants within the plan.
The figure below shows a screenshot of plan constructs: