Step 6: Create a Load Balancer
All containers are running inside a private network and cannot be accessed from outside. To do so one can create a load balancer. The key fields in the load balancer form are
  • Type: Classic or Application. Classic is deprecated by AWS so we will choose Application
  • Container Port: This is the port on which the application running inside the container is running. In this quick start we used nginx:latest so it will be 80
  • External Port: This is the port we want the users to access the application. We will choose 443 because we are going to apply a certificate to the LB
  • Application Mode : Choose Docker
  • Health Check : use / for this case because the nginx image returns 200OK at this path.
  • Certificate: Choose a certificate that was created as described in the Prerequisites section
Go under Devops-->Containers --> EKS/native and click on the service we are creating. Under that click on the Load balancer tab and configure the load balancer
In about 2-3 minutes you will see the load balancer DNS names.
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