Storage Class and PVCs

Set up Storage Classes and PVCs in Kubernetes

Step1: Create an Amazon EFS

Refer to steps here

Step2: Create Storage Class with EFS Parameter

Navigate to DevOps > Containers > EKS/Native > Storage Class
Configure EFS parameter created at Step1 by clicking on EFS Parameter.
K8s Storage Class Page

Step3: Create Persistent Volume (PVC) using Storage Class

Here, we are configuring Kubernetes to use Storage Class created in Step2 above, to create a Persistent Volume with 10Gi of storage capacity and ReadWriteMany access mode.
K8s Storage Class (Persistent Volume Claim Tab)

Step4: Mount PVC to the POD Deployment

Configure below in Volumes to create your application deployment using this PVC.
Volumes field
# Deployment using PersistentVolumeClaim.
- Name: <volumne name>
Path: <mount path>
claimName: <pvc name>
Services Page