Networking is the most foundational piece in the Devops lifecycle and setup the very beginning. The key concepts involved are
  • VPC
  • Subnets
  • Region
  • Availability zones
  • NAT Gateway
  • Routing
In DuploCloud the concept of Infrastructure maps one-to-one to a VPC in a specified region. While creating Infrastructure the user can specify the count of availability zones, region, VPC CIDR and a Subnet Mask. Internally the platform will create 2 subnets in each AZ (one private and one public), setup up routes and NAT gateway.
Infrastructure also maps to a Kubernetes or ECS Cluster. This is optional if the user wants to use Kubernetes or ECS for container orchestration
At this moment per infrastructure only one EKS or ECS cluster is supported. One can have both EKS as well as ECS cluster but only 1 or 0 of each.
Once the infrastructure complete, a new Plan with the same infrastructure name is automatically created and populated with the details of the newly created infrastructure. This plan can then be used to create the Tenants.
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