Kubernetes Cluster
Here we are only talking about the setup of the EKS control plane. The actual worker nodes and rest of the workload setup will be described within the Tenant.
In DuploCloud platform a Kubernetes Cluster maps to an Infrastructure The cluster can be created by creating an infrastructure from Administrator --> Infrastructure --> ADD Button. Creating an Infrastructure with a EKS cluster takes up to 20 minutes. See the Infrastructure section for details for other elements of this form:
At this moment per infrastructure only one EKS or ECS cluster is supported. One can have both EKS as well as ECS cluster but only 1 or 0 of each.
Once the Infrastructure is in ready state, you can go into the Infrastructure to see the Kubernetes details, including the token and config for Kubectl.
When you create Tenants under the Infrastructure a separate namespace is created within the Kubernetes Cluster by the name duploservices-<TenantName>
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