Step 1: Infrastructure

From the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrator -> Infrastructure. Click Add. The Add Infrastructure page displays.
Create an infrastructure with the following inputs:
  • Name: nonprod
  • Account: Google Cloud account
  • Cloud: Google
  • Region: us-east1
  • Subnet CIDR: 22
  • Enable GKE: enabled
  • Cluster Mode: GKE Autopilot
Add Infrastructure page
Creating the Infrastructure takes approximately 20 minutes. Check your progress by monitoring the status column: the status will change from Pending to Complete when the Infrastructure is complete. When the infrastructure is complete, navigate to Administrators -> Plans and double-check that a "Plan" with the same name (nonprod) has been created.

View GKE Cluster details

When an Infrastructure is created, a GKE Cluster is created by default. You can view the details and download the kubeconfig file from the DuploCloud portal.
From the DuploCloud portal, navigate to Administrator -> Infrastructure. Click on the name of the Infrastructure, and select the GKE tab. To download the kubeconfig file, click Download Kube Config.