Step 6: Create LoadBalancer

All containers are running inside a private network and cannot be accessed externally. To do so one can create a load balancer. The key fields in the load balancer form are
  • Type: Select Application Load Balancer.
  • Container Port: This is the port on which the application running inside the container is running. In this quick start we used nginx:latest, Container Port for sample application is 80.
  • External Port: This is the port we want the users to access the application. We will choose 80 because we are going to apply a certificate to the LB
  • Application Mode : Choose Docker
  • Health Check : use / for this case because the sample app returns 200 OK at this path.
  • Certificate: Choose a certificate that was created as described in the Prerequisites section
Go under Devops-->Containers --> EKS/Native and click on the service we are creating. Under that click on the Load balancer tab and configure the load balancer

Secure Load Balancer

if you want to secure the load balancer created, you can follow the steps specified here.

Create DNS Name

Follow the instructions here.
For the example we follow in this guide, you should screen as below: