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EKS Setup

Enable Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for AWS by creating a DuploCloud Infrastructure
In the DuploCloud platform, a Kubernetes Cluster maps to a DuploCloud Infrastructure.
Start by creating a new Infrastructure in DuploCloud. When prompted to provide details for the new Infrastructure, select Enable EKS. In the EKS Version field, select the desired release.
The worker nodes and remaining workload setup are described in the Tenant topic.
Add Infrastructure form with Enable EKS selected
Up to one instance (0 or 1) of an EKS is supported for each DuploCloud Infrastructure.
Creating an Infrastructure with EKS can take some time. See the Infrastructure section for details about other elements on the Add Infrastructure form.
When the Infrastructure is in the ready state, as indicated by a Status of Complete, select the Name of the Infrastructure page to view the Kubernetes configuration details, including the token and configuration for kubectl.
Infrastructure page with Status Complete displayed
When you create Tenants in an Infrastructure, a namespace is created in the Kubernetes cluster with the name duploservices-TENANT_NAME