Faults and alerting


Faults that happen in the system be it Infrastructure creation, Container deployments or Application health checks can be tracked in the DuploCloud portal under Faults Menu.

Viewing faults

You can look at Tenant specific faults under Deployments > Faults or all the faults in the system under Admin > Faults. In addition to notifying you about the faults, DuploCloud integrates with Sentry, which will send an Email alert for the fault and also acts as a single place to look at all the events.

Configuring Sentry alerts

To configure Sentry, go to the Sentry website. Under projects create a new project. Then go to Settings > Projects > [project-name] > Client keys (DSN). Click on show deprecated DSN, Get the deprecated DNS name and add it under Deployments > Metrics > Sentry DSN.
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