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Allocation Tagging for Hosts

Pin a container to a set of hosts using allocation tagging

By default, DuploCloud spreads container replicas across hosts. Using an Allocation Tag, you can pin a container to a set of hosts using a specific tag.

Adding an Allocation Tag to a Host

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Cloud Services -> Hosts. The Hosts page displays.

  2. Select a Host from the Name column. If the Host is part of an Auto-Scaling Group (ASG), select the ASG tab and select the ASG.

  1. In the Allocation Tag field, enter a tag name. Use only alphanumeric characters. Hyphens ( - ) are supported as special characters if needed. For example, highmemory-highcpu is a valid tag name.

  2. Click Set. The Allocation Tag that you set displays in the heading banner for the Host or ASG you select.

  3. Create a Service. During creation, on the Add Service page, enter the tag name you created in the Allocation Tag field. DuploCloud attempts to select a host or ASG with a matching tag.

Editing or deleting an Allocation Tag

Use the Metadata tab to edit or delete an existing Allocation Tag, after selecting a host or ASG.

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