Azure Infrastructure Settings

Configuring Infrastructure settings:

  1. Navigate to Administrator -> Infrastructure.

  2. In the NAME column, select the name of the Infrastructure you want to configure settings for.

  3. Select the Settings tab, and click Add. The Infra - Set Custom Data pane displays.

  4. From the Setting Name list box, select the setting (see list of settings below).

  5. Click Enable, or enter an appropriate value.

  6. Click Set. The setting is applied to the Infrastructure.

Infrastructure Settings

Cluster Autoscaler

Enables Cluster Autoscaler for the Infrastructure.

Enable Secrets CSI Driver

Enables SecretProviderClass Custom Resources to mount secrets for the Infrastructure.

Enable App Gateway Ingress Controller

Enables App Gateway Ingress Controller for the Infrastructure.

Shared Image Gallery

Links an Azure Shared Image Gallery to use with DuploCloud.

Azure Best Practices

Enables 'best practices' security settings for Tenants configured in the Infrastructure.

Azure Keyvault Diagnostics Settings

Enables settings for Keyvault Diagnostics.

Azure Defender for Storage Account

Enables Azure Defender for Storage.

Azure Policy Exemption for SQL CMK

Allows configuring Azure policy exemptions for SQL CMKs (Customer Managed Keys).

Azure Policy Exemption for Storage Account CMK

Allows configuring Azure policy exemptions for Storage Account CMKs (Customer Managed Keys).

Azure Storage Account Public Access Disallow

Prevents public access to Azure Storage Account resources.

Azure Storage Account Secure Transfer

Enables Azure Storage Account data transfers using Azure Storage Account Secure Transfer.

Azure Portal Link

Enables Azure Consol access from the DuploCloud Portal.


Allows configuring a custom or unlisted setting.

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