AWS Infrastructure Settings

Configuring Infrastructure settings:

  1. Navigate to Administrator -> Infrastructure.

  2. In the NAME column, select the name of the Infrastructure you want to configure settings for.

  3. Select the Settings tab, and click Add. The Infra - Set Custom Data pane displays.

  4. From the Setting Name list box, select the setting (see list of settings below).

  5. Click Enable, or enter an appropriate value.

  6. Click Set. The setting is applied to the Infrastructure.

Infrastructure Settings

EKS Endpoint Visibility

Configures EKS endpoint visibility to public, private, or both.

EKS ControlPlane Logs

Enables EKS logging for an Infrastructure.

EBS Encryption by Default

Enables or disables Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) encryption by default for the Infrastructure.

Cluster Autoscaler

Enables Cluster Autoscaler for the Infrastructure.

Enable faults prior to autoscaling Kubernetes nodes

Enables real-time alerts for un-schedulable, autoscaling Kubernetes nodes.

Enable Secrets CSI Driver

Allows creating SecretProviderClass Custom Resources to mount secrets for the Infrastructure.

Enable ALB Ingress Controller

Enables the AWS Load Balancer (ALB) Ingress Controller.

Enable EFS Volume Controller

Enables Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) for the Infrastructure.

Enable HA NAT Gateway

Enables AWS NAT Gateway for High Availability (HA).

Enable VPN Access To EKS Cluster

Enables VPN access to the EKS cluster.

Duplo Cl – Argo Workflows Tenant

Enables Tenants for Argo Workflows with DuploCloud.

Duplo Cl – Argo Workflows Certificate

Enables SSL/TLS certificates for Argo Workflows.

Default K8s Storage Class

Sets the default Kubernetes StorageClass.

Maximum K8s Session Duration

Manages the maximum Kubernetes session duration.

Enable Helm Operator V2

Enables Helm Operator V2 to use with the Kubernetes cluster.


Allows entering a custom or unlisted setting.

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