Enable kubectl Shell

Enable access to the DuploCloud shell for your GCP account

Enabling DuploCloud shell access in GCP is part of a one-time DuploCloud portal setup process.

Step 1: Create a DuploCloud Service

Create a DuploCloud Service in any Tenant.

  1. From the DuploCloud portal, navigate to Kubernetes -> Services.

  2. Click Add. The Add Service page displays.

  3. From the table below, enter the values that correspond to the fields on the Add Service page. Accept all other default values for fields not specified.

Add Service page field Value






GKE Linux

Docker Image


  1. In the Environment Variables field, enter the following YAML. Replace the flask app secret (b33d13ab-5b46-443d-a19d-asdfsd443 in this example) with a string of random numbers and letters in the same format and replace CUSTOMER_PREFIX with your customer URL prefix.

 Value: b33d13ab-5b46-443d-a19d-asdfsd443
 Value: https://<CUSTOMER_PREFIX>.duplocloud.net
  1. Click Next. The Advanced Options page displays.

  2. Click Create. The Service is created.

Step 2: Create a Kubernetes Ingress

Follow the steps on the GKE Ingress page to add Kubernetes Ingress, substituting the following values in the Name and Annotations fields:

  • Name: duplo-shell

  • Annotations: enter the following, replacing CERTIFICATE_NAME with your certificate name.

//ingress.gcp.kubernetes.io/pre-shared-cert: <CERTIFICATE_NAME> kubernetes.io/ingress.allow-http:'false'

Step 3: Add the DNS name to System Settings

  1. From the DuploCloud portal, navigate to Kubernetes -> Ingress.

  2. Click on duplo-shell in the NAME column. The duplo-shell Ingress details page displays.

  3. Select the Configuration tab.

  4. From the DNS box, copy the DNS.

  5. Navigate to Administrator -> Systems Settings.

  6. Select the System Config tab, and click Add.

  7. From the Config Type list box, select AppConfig.

  8. From the Key list box, select Other.

  9. In the second Key field, enter DuploShellfqdn

  10. In the Value field, paste the DNS you copied from the Ingress details page.

  1. Click Submit. DuploCloud shell access is enabled in GCP.

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